Local Author’s Corner Presented By Tulsa Jazz.Com


At Tulsa Jazz we love to read which means we LOVE the people who write books! Over the years Tulsa has prided itself on the many writers who have lived in the area however we don’t believe there’s been a richer time than now! We love Tulsa natives, former Tulsans, and recent transplants. We love best sellers, independents, and everyone in between.

For this reason we are passionate about featuring local authors and we want you to benefit from reading their wonderful work. Many of our area authors are also available for store events, book club visits and area appearances upon request.

The authors listed on this website are only a sampling of some of the wonderful area authors we thought you might like to get to know:

Tammy Lynn Acuff

Bob Avey

John T. Biggs

Karen Marie Graham

Nikki Hanna

Donna Welch Jones

Jim Laughter

Barbara Lockett

Sarah Lonelodge

M.Carolyn Steele

Carla Stewart

Pamela Wetterman

Bill Wetterman

This is by no means a complete list, but we’re constantly meeting new authors, so check back regularly to see fresh faces and read new stories.

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