Local Author’s Corner Presents: Nikki Hanna



nikki hanna

When asked to describe herself in one sentence, Nikki Hanna said, “I’m a metropolitan gal who never quite reached the level of sophistication and refinement that label implies.” A humorist, speaker, and author, Hanna’s books are laced with wicked wit while rich with strong messages. Her writings portray spirited adventures, a wealth of lessons learned, and bold interpretations designed to entertain and inspire. With Hanna’s knack for making the ordinary fascinating and every situation a learning experience, readers will relish the laugh-out-loud moments and the wisdom she candidly shares in her books and presentations.

Her workshops Beyond Aging Well and Capture Life-Write a Life Story provide rich insight into topics that give participants the tools and motivation to create legacy.

Hanna’s robust background in business is the basis for leadership programs that are rich with clever strategies for optimizing human resources, creating employee loyalty, and building extraordinary leaders. She believes that to be a good leader, you must service those you lead. The Leadership Savvy book and related workshop show aspiring leaders how to stand out. They proffer insights designed to put organizations on the path to realizing solid bottom line results through an energized work force and savvy leaders. (Workshops and keynote addresses can be customized.)

During her career, Hanna accumulated thirty-some years of intense leadership experience in immensely divergent business environments including dynamic, manpower-intensive production operations. She ascended to the executive ranks in one of the largest companies in America and served on numerous boards. Her background includes consulting for national industry task forces and various other organizations and charities.  The National Management Association honored her for her leadership with its White Knight Award.

In the educational arena, Hanna lectures at colleges and universities on business and journalism and has served as an advisor on curriculum development and strategic planning. Hanna has a BS Degree in Business Education and Journalism, a Masters in Business Administration, and is a retired Certified Public Accountant and Toastmaster.red heels

After retiring from the corporate environment, Hanna became an author. Her autobiography Out of Iowa—Into Oklahoma is a humorous and captivating account of the diverse cultures she has encountered. A book on biographical writing, Capture Life – Write a Biography,shows everything a person needs to know to write and produce a memoir in book form. Red Heels and Smokin’ is a delightful romp through her adventures and misfortunes as a sixty-something woman who struggled to get her moxie back. She did so, and it was grand.

Nikki is the 2013 winner of the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation’s Crème De La Crème Award. Her books, workshops, and speeches are brimming with wise counsel, laced with humor, and guaranteed to entertain, inform, and inspire.

To learn more about Nikki, her writing, and where to purchase her books, Click on the links below:

Author PageAmazon
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