Local Author’s Corner Presents: M.Carolyn Steele


Raised and educated in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Carolyn enjoyed a career in both journalism and commercial art before retiring to pursue a love of writing and genealogy. She has short stories published in sixteen anthologies and has won a number of awards, including being nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her writings reflect a childhood steeped in Civil War history and Indian lore.

Combining her knowledge of storytelling and genealogy, Carolyn presents a variety of programs designed to inspire others to commit family stories to paper and authored the book, Preserving Family Legends for Future Generations, a 2010 First Place winner for Heartland New Day Bookfest. Carolyn and her husband, Carl, delight in their two daughters and two grandsons.

COVER, Front


To learn more about M.Carolyn Steele , her writing, and where to purchase her books, Click on the links below:

Website: www.mcarolynsteele.com

Blog: http://preservinglegends.blogspot.com.


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