Local Author’s Corner Presents: John T Biggs



John Biggs grew up in a little wedge of Illinois that’s squeezed between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Practically everyone in that part of the world was involved in the dirty, dangerous business of mining coal. John’s parents wanted something different. They bought a junkyard (you couldn’t exactly call them social climbers) and earned a living buying scrap iron and copper from the unemployed miners—there were always plenty of those in Southern Illinois—and selling it to foundry middle-men in St. Louis. The characters John met in those early junkyard days were custom made for the fiction he’d write later.

John’s formal education is in dentistry (DDS from U of I, Chicago & MS from Northwestern, Chicago), and education (MEd from University of Central Oklahoma). His practical education comes from life experiences as a Public Health Service dentist in Maine, an educator at the OU College of Dentistry, a prison dentist at LARC penitentiary in Lexington, Oklahoma, and a private dentist specialized in root canals—please don’t hate him for that. His fiction is full of characters (especially Native Americans) he met in all those phases of his life. When John retired from the College of Dentistry, he spent half his time in private practice and the other half learning the craft of writing fiction.

His short stories have won national and regional prizes including: Grand Prize in the 80th Annual Writers Digest Competition, third prize in the 2011 Lorian Hemingway short story contest, and Crème de la Crème Award at the 2012 Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. conference. John’s short fiction has been published in a wide variety of magazines and anthologies. A short collection (free on smashwords) and his first novel were released in 2013 by Pen-L Publishing, and two Books more are on the way.

John’s writing contacts are in Tulsa, but he lives in Oklahoma City with his wife (who is a thousand times too good for him). He has two children (who like their privacy) and four grand children. He is a member of Tulsa Night Writers, and Oklahoma City Writers. When he’s not writing fiction, he’s usually traveling. John has spent a little time on every continent except for Antarctica.

That could be next.


To find out more about John, his writing, and where to purchase his books, Click the links below:


Facebook: John’s Author Page

Publisher’s Websitehttp://pen-l.com

Amazon: John’s Author Page


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