Tulsa Jazz Presents…

Positively Impacting Lives Through Music

“Tulsa Jazz Presents…” is a program whose purpose is to support and enhance the quality of life for seniors, children waiting for adoption, as well as foster children and their families.

In the Senior community we accomplish this by providing independent/assisted living centers information about activities and services available to the residents in and around the area as well as discounted or sponsored entertainment presented by some of the area’s top Jazz entertainers. This is the music they love performed at the same level of quality and authentic sound they remember from their youth.

In the Adoption/Foster Family community we make the public aware of the needs in these areas via Social Media and sponsor Supply/Toy drives and fundraising events at several of our concerts throughout the year. The proceeds go to organizations such as the Laura Dester Children’s Center, James Mission, and others that support these communities.

About our Logo: Our logo has two parts, one red and one white, connecting with jagged edges down the middle, and a circle surrounding it. The red represents the kids and the white represents the seniors. The jagged edges represent the the painful feelings both side share of neglect, loneliness, and thoughts of being unwanted, the circle represents the people, agencies, and organizations, like ours, that provide support, resources, encouragement, and love for those inside.

For more information or to get involved contact John Taylor at 918.812.9902 or email: lovetulsajazz@gmail.com

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