TLS: Tulsa Latin Style

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TLS: Tulsa Latin Style


Come feel the rhythm with Tulsa Latin Style, Tulsa’s newest salsa dance  band!  Bringing together musicians from four  countries, our traditional 12 piece Latin jazz and pop ensemble has been impressing audiences in the Green Country region with an authentic sound and a high energy stage presence. Our soaring vocals, blazing horns and hot rhythms touch hearts and get bodies moving!

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Tulsa Latin Style started in 2014 under the direction of esteemed bandleader and musician Ramon Rivera Serrano and Conguero Phillip Poitras. Mr. Rivera Serrano came to Tulsa from Puerto Rico and has been leading bands here for over 20 years.  He says simply, ‘This is the best band I have ever been involved with.’

     We come from Peru, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and the US and we strive to play songs and rhythms from each region and style including salsa, samba, bossa nova, and more.


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We play for dances, parties, festivals and fiestas in and around the Green Country area. Our music is intimately linked with salsa dancing. The best grooves for the band and our audiences happen when the dancing reaches a fever pitch. We do our best to make the most of that magical synergy.  Many in our audiences have never tried salsa dancing, but they start with us and have a great time from then on.   Put us in front of a dance crowd!

Our band is a traditional Latin Jazz / Pop 12 piece orchestra with  vocalists, horns, bass, piano and percussionists…The syncopation is addictive!

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Booking: John Taylor 918-812-9902

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