Randy Wimer


Randy Wimer has been an active teacher and performer in Tulsa since the early 1970s. He has taught guitar at the University of Tulsa, Northeastern State University and Tulsa Community College. An avid student of music as well as teacher, he has studied jazz guitar with Pat Kelley, Johnny Smith, Larry Coryell and Gene Bertoncini. Classical lessons have come from Ron Radford, Scott Tennant and Doug Niedt.


Those fraternal twins, Classical and Jazz, combine in Randy’s playing creating a unique, approach to guitar, whether he’s playing a jazz standard, a pop tune or reimagining a piece of classical guitar music. Randy has provided solo guitar for parties, receptions, weddings as well as long standing brunch jobs at Tulsa Country Club and Philbrook, and he works extensively as an accompanist to some of Tulsa’s finest singers including Janet Rutland, Cynthia Simmons, Pam Crosby and others.

Randy is guitarist for the Signature Symphony Pops concerts and has played in the orchestras for “Chicago”, “Lion King”, “Spamalot” and many others at the PAC.

Click the links below for more information about Randy:

Website: wimerguitar.com

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