Joesf Glaude


On his 11th Birthday he got his first guitar and began lessons with a

local jazz guitarist.

Joesf studied music at Christopher Newport College in Virginia and was

head guitar Professor at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma before

leaving to pursue music exclusively focusing on small groups, solo

acoustic, harp guitar and giving clinics on songwriting guitar.

A multi-instrumentalist Joesf has performed various styles of music

ranging from classical and bluegrass to punk rock and jazz.



Apart from his work as a soloist and clinician his other projects

include Classical guitar and violin with James Ruggles, Guitars Gone

Wild (a jazz fusion group) with Jarrod Elmore and Bill Jones and

Blues/R&B/Soul with vocalist Big Joe Muse.

Joesf has also worked with Angie Cockrell and Sean Al-Jibouri who

played on his CD Sentimental Blue. Sean can be heard on the songs

Vin Rouge Ordinaire and Wandering, Not Lost

Joesf can be heard on Pandora, Spotify, RadioIDL, Jango and other internet

radio stations.


For more information about Joesf Glaude click the links below:


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