Cynthia Simmons and Scott McQuade Live at Main Street Tavern Wednesday September 13th 2017!

Cynthia Simmons And Scott McQuade At Main Street Tavern!

Cynthia Simmons has been described as “A singer who’s performances reaches down to the depths of your soul”. This Wednesday from 6-9 pm you’ll be able to experience this for yourself as she headlines Jazz Night at Main Street Tavern.

Joining Cynthia will be Scott McQuade, who is unquestionably one of Oklahoma’s finest keyboardist!

Stop! Look at yourself. You work hard, taking care of all the responsibilities of career and home… isn’t it time you had a treat?

Let Cynthia’s smooth, velvety voice and Scott’s mesmerizing piano play enthrall and relax you, allowing you to unwind, leaving your day and your troubles behind. Main Street Tavern then continues the pampering with their delicious menu offerings, extended beverage selection, and quality service…See you Wednesday 🙂

Scott McQuade

Scott McQuade

This show is a Taylor Entertainment Group Production.


Date/Time: Wednesday September 13th, 2017 6 pm-9 pm

Location: 200 S. Main Street Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Phone: 912-872-1414

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Looky LU Magazine Interviews Local Jazz Phenom Cynthia Simmons


Artist Feature: Cynthia Downing Simmons: Lady Sings the Jazz


LookyLU had an opportunity to  sit down with famed Tulsa-based Jazz artist and musician, Cynthia Downing Simmons. This multifaceted artist let us into 5 minutes of what it’s like to be just Cyn. 


Ollie:  what feelings do jazz evoke, like what emotions?

Cynthia:  Emotions and feelings that jazz evokes: happiness, sassiness, sexiness, power, sensuality.

Ollie:  Now that you sing all the time, is jazz still as important as it was when you first became interested?

Cynthia:  yes! Probably more so because I am to perfect my craft.  There’s always so much more to learn.


Cynthia:  What is your absolute favorite song? I have lots of favorites depends on the mood I’m in and the genre I’m listening to.

Ollie:  What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about music since becoming the ultra diva performer that you are?

Cynthia:  Not to think of myself as an ultra diva performer. Just be me: on stage, in person, No matter what I do

Ollie: Oh But you are? Not diva bad, diva good!

Cynthia: I don’t think of myself as a diva. I’m a performer and I’m good. But there are so many people who are better. I always do MY best. Always be myself.

Ollie:  You wear many faces, one of them being a graduate school educated professional powerhouse?

Cynthia:  I’m just Cynthia…Yes I do. I’m an HR professional, a mother, a daughter, a friend, I have a master’s degree and an HR certification and I’m a girlfriend in addition to being a jazz singer.

Ollie:  You’re not busy at all. 

Cynthia:  But I’m still just Cyn who likes to sing, read books, and crochet when she can. Oh  and cook! Can’t forget that. LOL.


Ollie:  Crochet? It’s hard to imagine all of the sensuality that you possess on stage can be reduced to crocheting. 

Cynthia:  I’m crazy busy (Laughing)

Ollie:  Do you think you can draw a connection between food and singing, as in your relationship with both?


Cynthia: Sure, I often do both at the same time. By the way, the sensuality isn’t reduced when I crochet (Laughing). That made me laugh (laughing).

Ollie: Hahahahah! That made me laugh because I pictured you on stage in that stunning red dress sitting in a rocking chair crocheting with a mike in your hand. 

Cynthia:  Just make sure I’m showing plenty of leg!

Ollie:  In my daydream of you and yarn?

Cynthia: Yes! In that damn rocking chair.

Ollie:  Lots of leg…lots of red…lots of creaking. 

Cynthia:  Umm no creaking (Laughing)


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Article used with permission from Looky Lu Magazine

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Cynthia Simmons stays busy!


These last two weeks have been busy for Cynthia Simmons.

Sunday before last she performed with Washington Rucker at the The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in a concert people simply described as “fabulous”, the next night she had a private  performance at the Harwelden Mansion, and Tuesday night sang “My Funny Valentine” to a standing ovation at the Jazz Hall during Depot Jams.

This week started at Depot Jams on Tuesday night with a wonderful rendition of “Embrace Me” to exuberant applause, this will be followed by a return to Main St. Tavern Thursday the 18th from 6:00-9:00 pm to sing all your favorites and lastly she hits the road for a private engagement Saturday night in Oklahoma City.

Next week Cynthia heads to Pepper’s Grill,July 27th, for her first headline engagement there, then she heads into August which is shaping up to be just as busy as July…wow!

To keep up with Cynthia and all her events  click any of the following links:

Enjoy your week and see you around town!

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