“White Linen Night” in Broken Arrow’s Rose District

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White linen was the traditional clothing in the South during hot summer months back when most people did not have air conditioning.  We want to capture the down-home, small-town feel of a traditional Southern Block Party right here on Main Street!

White Linen Night in Broken Arrow’s Rose District is patterned after a similar event in the French Quarter district in New Orleans where residents come out dressed in their finest white linen to see local art.  The event is open to the general public with no admission fee, live jazz performances  provided by TulsaJazz.Com and the Tulsa Jazz Music Group!

So, put on your white linen (or white cotton) and join us for some good family fun!

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Broken Arrow’s Main Street Merchants Association is committed to further enhancing our popular White Linen Night, so that all ages can enjoy a fun and festive night in Downtown Broken Arrow, to truly make it a neighborhood-wide celebration. Visitors will be treated to a fun atmosphere including local artists, local musicians, and local businesses in the Rose District.

Additional Event Information:

White Linen Night in B.A. Rose District

Day/Date: Saturday August 15th 6 pm-10 pm
Contact: Gregory Bridges
Location: 114 S. Main Street, Broken Arrow, OK 74013
Phone: 918.630.4832
Email: rosedistrict.whitelinen.night@gmail.com

Live Music Provided By The Tulsa Jazz Music Group 



Cynthia Simmons and Scott McQuade at Main St. Tavern

Cynthia 50


When the name Cynthia Simmons is mentioned words such as glamorous, stylish, and incredible voice aren’t usually far behind. One of Tulsa’s brightest stars Cynthia has been wowing audiences in and around the area for several years now and this Wednesday evening, at Main St. Tavern, will be no exception. Join Cynthia  and the marvelously talented Scott McQuade  as they perform many of your favorite jazz standards and also throw in a few surprises along the way.

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Jazz Night at Main St, Tavern has become a very popular event in Broken Arrow, most nights the restaurant is full of smiling faces enjoying the wonderful atmosphere, good  food, large selection of beverages, and incredible Jazz performed by some of Tulsa’s brightest stars!

This Wednesday’s show starts at 6 pm and goes until 9 pm. Be sure to bring your friends, family , neighbors, leave your “day” at the door, come in and enjoy an evening filled with great music and great fun 🙂


This show is a Tulsa Jazz.Com Production.

Date/Time: Wednesday May 13th, 2015 6 pm-9 pm

Location: 200 S. Main St Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Phone: 912-872-1414

Cynthia Simmons:


Cyn Sings Jazz on Facebook

Scott McQuade;


Main Street Tavern:

Main Street Tavern on Facebook


The Tulsa Jazz Society and TulsaJazz.Com Present TGIF: Jazz at the Spotlight Theatre



TGIF:Third Friday Jazz, Wow I remember a couple years ago sitting in Baxter’s Interurban Grill on a Friday evening eating dinner, having a beverage,  listening to David Moore play the trumpet and thinking to myself “I could stay here all night”, it was so good. I witnessed many of our incredible local jazz artist grace us with their talent during the run of this wonderful event, Pam Crosby, Cindy Cain, Cynthia Simmons, Devre Jackson, and many, many more. Then one day the music stopped, there was a void left in the jazz world, Friday nights would not be the same again…

Wait what’s that I hear, listen, can you hear it, off in the distance, shhhh, what’s it saying…We’re Baaaccckk!!!

Yes it’s true!! This Friday May 15th, starting at 5 30 pm, see Pam Crosby and several of Tulsa’s top jazz performers as the Tulsa Jazz Society presents the return of TGIF: Jazz at The Spotlight Theatre! This show, presented in conjunction with TulsaJazz.Com, will showcase some of our finest local talent on the third Friday of every month. We know you missed us and we missed you too, so tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members and total strangers to join you at the Spotlight Theatre for a night of food , fun, and fantastic Jazz!


For tickets call The Spotlight Theatre at 918-587-5030

Date/Time: May 15th, 2015  5:30 pm until 8:00 pm

Tickets: 10.00/person, available in advance or at the door.

Location: 1381 Riverside Dr, Tulsa, OK 74127

Website: www.spotlighttheater.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Tulsa-Jazz-Society

Note: Food and Libations will be available for purchase.




International Jazz Day…A Look Back

FB_IMG_1430327710588Another International Jazz Day has come and gone but it’s impact will go on and on…

As I laid in bed last night, just after midnight, I realized how historic, fun, and impactful the day had been. As a jazz fan and professional in the music business you experience some special moments, an epic show, the big recording deal, landing a big name client, but few events rival 185 countries setting aside differences, joining forces and celebrating together like the events of yesterday! Jazz did that, that’s right JAZZ!

Note: There was an event held in all 50 states in the US!

700+ events around the world, plus an incredible concert in Paris of some of Jazz’s finest, took people away from their problems, issues, and conflicts for a moment and transported them to a place of peace, joy, and musical bliss…happy,happy, happy 🙂

Only music has the ability to do this, it overcomes cultural and language barriers, socioeconomic differences and allow people to come together in harmony like nothing else and jazz is leading the way.

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We have put together a slide show of some of the event posters and people involved in the events of yesterday as well as a link to watch the incredible concert that took place in Paris.

As you go about your day, remember when you have those moments of “I need to get away”  grab your CD, Laptop/tablet, or smartphone and let music, especially Jazz, transport you to a faraway land, be your time machine and take you back to a special moment, let it soothe, move,and refresh you. Let it rekindle and invigorate your passion, and most of all most of all let it encourage you to share your love for music, jazz in particular, with others.

To borrow a saying from someone very special to me…Stay Jazzy!

Welcome to International Jazz Day!



 More than 700 events in more than 185 countries and all 50 United States…Jazz is alive and flourishing!

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame Presents “Tin Pan Alley Magic” Sunday April 19th


Pam Crosby and an All-Star cast take you on a musical journey this Sunday at 5 pm!

Produced by Pam Van Dyke Crosby, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame presents Tin Pan Alley Magic. Featuring Darell Christopher, Cindy Cain, Larry Cochran, Joe Wilkinson, Sandy Sterling, Angie Cockrell, Cynthia Simmons, Barry Hensley, and Pam Van Dyke Crosby. The performance will also include Scott McQuade on keys, Bill Crosby on bass, Wade Robertson on drums, Tim Shadley on trombone, and Tom Sterling on sax.

Tin Pan Alley jazz hall


To enjoy the jazz, call at (918) 928-JAZZ or visit www.JazzHallTickets.com. Members and Seniors enjoy discounted ticket prices at $10.00 each.  General Admission tickets are only $15.00, or $20.00 for Reserved Table Seating. High school and middle school students admitted for only $5.00.

The event is a part of the Jazz Hall’s 2015 Spring Concert Series.

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit cultural and educational organization, with a mission to inspire creativity and improve the quality of life for all Oklahomans through the preservation, education, and performance of jazz, our uniquely American art form.

jazz hall at night

TulsaJazz.Com Presents Cynthia Simmons and The Scott McQuade Trio Performing in Bodean’s Lounge

bodean seafood cover

An evening with good wine, good food, and good jazz has always been a recipe for a high level of enjoyment.

This Sunday November 2nd, at Bodean Seafood Restaurant, come enjoy all of that and more as Cynthia Simmons and The Scott McQuade Trio perform many of your favorites and maybe a few surprises.

The smooth, sultry sounds of this incredible group will tickle your ears with delight, while Bodean’s delicious offerings will titillate your pallet.

So come out, bring your friends, and enjoy an evening of good food and good music, it will be a grand time for all!

This concert is a Tulsa Jazz Production.

Date: November 2, 2014

Time: 7 pm-10 pm

Location: 3376 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74135

Phone: (918) 743-3861