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Where do you find jazz in Tulsa? There were very few answers to this question…!

“So many great musicians and their music was so good and yet very few in the city really knew all this incredible jazz was happening”.  After talking to several artists John Taylor decided to create an online calendar where everyone could have their gigs (shows) posted. The idea was that the artists would mention and promote the site at their shows, John would do the online promotion, and with everyone working together several things could be accomplished:

  1. Let the public know where and when they could enjoy live jazz
  2. The venues offering live jazz would get more exposure targeted at a demographic they’re already trying to reach
  3. TulsaJazz.Com could become a major resource for jazz information in Tulsa.

Mission accomplished!

Tulsa now has a thriving jazz community. From a city that just a few years ago only had a few places that regularly offered live jazz to now averaging  20-30 live events per week  and a growing, active, vibrant jazz environment with national recognition. For TulsaJazz.com, it has been an honor to be a part of the success of jazz in Tulsa, seeing the city’s music scene flourish as a whole and watching people with a dream have the opportunity to achieve them.

TulsaJazz.com is now a nationally recognized company offering Music Management, Agent/Booking Services, and Social Media/Website Management. John says, “The Company was founded on the philosophy of helping people with passion and a dream, achieve it, and our continued focus on that philosophy is the reason for our current and the catalyst for our future success.”


Tulsa Jazz is a independent, not-for-profit, jazz promotion company that keeps you informed about jazz related people, places, and events both in the Tulsa area and nationally. We help our friends (artists) achieve their music goals through creative promotions, education, consistent encouragement, and hard work.

Through the Taylor Entertainment Group we also provide some of the best in live entertainment, from various genres, for Weddings, Fundraisers, Festivals, Private Parties, Corporate Events and much more…

Jazz, and the Artists that bring it to life…that’s our passion!

Tulsa Jazz: Your source for all things jazz in Tulsa!!

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Taylor Entertainment Group LLC, parent company of Tulsa Jazz, provides live music for Weddings, Banquets, Festivals, Corporate Events and much more!

The artists we work with are some of the top performers in the area and we’re proud to be associated with them. We help these artists achieve their music goals through creative promotions, education, performance opportunities, consistent encouragement, and hard work.  Jazz, and the artists that bring it to life, is our passion! If you are looking for some of the best in live entertainment for your upcoming event, look no further.

Taylor Entertainment Group LLC is a Tulsa, OK based entertainment management, contracting, and consulting company.  We are also the home of such brands as,  TulsaJazz.comTulsaJazz on FacebookTulsaJazz on TwitterOKCJazz on FacebookCynSingsJazz.Com, Facebook Jazz Society, Entertainment To Do List by TEG, River City Jazz Company and more…

Contact us by using the form below or call 918-812-9902, to find out how you can have these and many other wonderful artists, perform at your next special occasion.


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This is where you’ll find all of our blog posts and highlighted events! We hope you enjoy reading the updates about cool stuff happening around the area and please come back often as this information will be changing regularly!

Briana Wright Duo Live at Jazz and Wine Night Wednesday Jan 22nd at Main Street Tavern Cherry St !

Briana Wright, the lead singer of the band Nightingale, will mesmerize you with an intimate performance this Wednesday during Jazz and Wine Night at Main Street Tavern Cherry St. “Briana Wright’s voice is seriously good. It’s got soul, it’s got passion and her delivery is unabashed and fun to watch” -Tulsa World Magazine She is …

Jazz and Wine Night with the Michele Warren Duo Wednesday Jan 22nd, 2020 at Main Street Tavern BA!

Treat yourself to the rich, full, bluesy voice of Michele Warren and the incredible guitar play of Cameron Mintz this Wedneday night 6:30-8:30 pm at Main Street Tavern BA! Also enjoy Main Street’s delicious menu and extensive beverage selection, it’s going to be a fabulous night! Jazz Night at Main Street Tavern BA is a …

TEG Presents Angie Cockrell and Mike Leland Performing Live at Bluestone Steakhouse January 22-23, 2020!!

Angie’s voice has been described as velvety smooth, rich and sultry, here is your chance to experience this incredible vocalist. This Wednesday and Thursday night from 6-9 pm relax and enjoy Angie, joined by Mike Leland on piano, as they perform many your jazz favorites and a few surprises at Bluestone Steakhouse and Seafood. Bring …