Local Author’s Corner Presents: Jim Laughter



Jim Laughter served in the United States Air Force for 20-years with tours of duty in Texas, the Philippines, Japan, Louisiana, and England. He retired as a Master Sergeant in 1991. Jim’s education includes the Los Angeles Community College, the Community College of the Air Force, the Air Force Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, and finally the University of Maryland. Originally from the rural farming community of Kellyville, Oklahoma, Jim and his wife of 42-years, Wilma, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma near their three sons, Sam, Ben, and Jon (their wives too) and their four grandchildren, Abby, Daniel, Robbie & Lydia.

    Jim is the author and creator of Galactic Axia, a series of young adult science fiction adventure books. Current titles include Escape to Destiny, The Horicon Experience, Space Trader, and Ghost in the Dark. We will be releasing the entire multi-book series over the next couple of years. 

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    Jim is also a registered public speaker with the Oklahoma Library Association, so when he is not writing, he is usually speaking at junior high and high schools or libraries, or attending one of several writers conventions and book fairs each year. He is a member of the Tulsa NightWriters, a writing organization that has been helping writers get published for over 65-years. He is editor of their monthly newsletter, NightScripts. Along with the NightWriters, Jim is a member of the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc.

    In 1982, Jim founded Missions Hotline, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding the education of national students in foreign missionary seminaries around the world. Since its foundation, Missions Hotline has funded the education of over twenty-thousand national students, built, purchased, or remodeled several training centers, and built church buildings in Guatemala, the Philippines, Scotland,  Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and other foreign countries.

    When time permits, Jim enjoys fishing and playing tournament poker. He also enjoys traveling with his wife, seeing the wonders of America and experiencing the many flavors of life that only this great country can offer.

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