Need Jazz? We’ve Got You Covered!

Tulsa Jazz is a nonprofit, jazz promotion company that keeps you informed about jazz related people, places, and events both in the Tulsa area and nationally. We help Artists achieve their music goals through creative promotions, education, consistent encouragement, and hard work. Jazz and the Artists that bring it to life…that’s our passion!

Through the Taylor Entertainment Group we provide some of the best in live entertainment for Weddings, Fundraisers, Festivals, Private Parties, Corporate Events and much more…

Looking for a Jazz Radio Station? So’ Jazzy Radio

SO’ Jazzy Radio is a 24/7 jazz station that provides a very unique combination of Jazz from today & yesterday’s premiere Jazz Artists worldwide. Their mission is to keep Jazz alive and promote the expansion and the education of Jazz throughout our global communities.

Jazzology with Keith G can be heard on So’ Jazzy Radio Tues-thurs 7-11 pm eastern, this radio show brings you some of the best in jazz entertainment! Jazzology with Keith G is co-sponsored by Taylor Entertainment Group and

Tulsa Jazz: Your source for all things jazz in Tulsa!!

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