TulsaJazz.Com Presents Cynthia Simmons and Frank Brown at Stogie’s

Cynthia Simmons
Cynthia Simmons


When the name Cynthia Simmons is mentioned words such as glamorous, stylish, and incredible voice aren’t usually far behind. One of Tulsa’s brightest stars Cynthia has been wowing audiences in and around the area for several years now and this Thursday evening, at Stogie’s, will be no exception. Join Cynthia and the incredibly talented Frank Brown, on the patio, as they perform many of your favorite jazz standards and other great music at Stogie’s for their one year celebration.CynSimm_040

In addition to the music, Oliva Cigars will be in house, as well as Republic Liquor Reps show casing Jack Daniels, Single Barrel Jack, Dewars Scratched Cask, Woodford Reserve, Woodford Double Oaked, and Jack Daniels Sinatra Select! This is going to be quite an event!

Stogies is a part of “The Rose District” in downtown Broken Arrow, which is famous for great restaurants, unique shopping, antiques and more. If you have never been to “The Rose District” then reserve some time for lunch or dinner before heading to Stogies for a smoke. You will enjoy the small town hospitality, tradition and great food that makes this neighborhood such a special place.StogiesStoreFront

Stogie’s says,”Our Cigar Bar & Lounge brings our customers a new level of comfort and enjoyment. The relaxing atmosphere provides a place to talk, watch TV, read, work (if you have to) or just smoke a cigar. It has been designed with you in mind and we think it is a fantastic place to unwind and escape the pressures of every day life.” We completely agree 🙂


This is a TulsaJazz.Com Production

Date/Time: Thursday May 21st, 2015 6 30 pm to 9 30 pm

Location: 207 S Main St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Phone: (918) 251-2295

Cynthia’s Website: www.cynsingsjazz.com

Cynthia’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cynsingsjazz

Frank’s Website: http://www.frankbrowntrio.com/

Stogie’s Website: http://stogiescigar.com/

Stogie’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/StogiesBA



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