The Weekend…It’s not over yet!

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For those of you who think that the weekend ends after the last club closes on Saturday night…we beg to differ!

There a nine, count em’ nine, live jazz events occurring within the next 24 hours and by the way , today is Sunday!

Here’s a listing of them so you can plan accordingly:


5:00-7:00 Luisza Cornelius & Darell Christopher in Concert at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

6:00-9:00 Mark Bruner and Shelby Eicher @ Full Moon Cafe

6:00-10:00 Myron Oliver and MyRock at Los Cabos Jenks

6:30-9:30 Cynthia Simmons at Smoke on Cherry St.

7:00-10:00 Olivia Duhon at Doc’s on Brookside

7:00-10:00 Jack Wolfe Quartet at Bodean Lounge


11:00-1:00 Lunch with Rebecca Ungerman at Whole Foods Market

8:00-10:00 Cypher 120 with Written Quincey at The Creative Room

9:00-11:30 Mike Cameron Trio at Hodges Bend

For more information about any of the events listed above click here: Events Around Town

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