Cynthia Simmons stays busy!


These last two weeks have been busy for Cynthia Simmons.

Sunday before last she performed with Washington Rucker at the The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in a concert people simply described as “fabulous”, the next night she had a private  performance at the Harwelden Mansion, and Tuesday night sang “My Funny Valentine” to a standing ovation at the Jazz Hall during Depot Jams.

This week started at Depot Jams on Tuesday night with a wonderful rendition of “Embrace Me” to exuberant applause, this will be followed by a return to Main St. Tavern Thursday the 18th from 6:00-9:00 pm to sing all your favorites and lastly she hits the road for a private engagement Saturday night in Oklahoma City.

Next week Cynthia heads to Pepper’s Grill,July 27th, for her first headline engagement there, then she heads into August which is shaping up to be just as busy as July…wow!

To keep up with Cynthia and all her events  click any of the following links:

Enjoy your week and see you around town!

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